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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoughaib jewelry logo is plagiarized (copied)

While doing a small research about the "Jewelry design" logos, I discovered that Zoughaib jewelry's design logo is plagiarized (copied).

I Looked up local and international shops and brands and caught the twist in "Zoughaib" logo design: the designer added the "Diamond" symbol and came up with a clean nice logo that says Jewelry design by a small touch to the "A", and by what is called a Typographical trick.

I was actually shocked when I started looking at the international brands and found out the "THE NUMBER ONE JEWELRY LOGO" which is "Zales" (according to http://www.logodesignworks.com/blog/top-10-jewelry-logos) has the same triangle in the "A" that refers to a symbol of strength as well as to "Zales" key product: diamond jewelry.

What can we say about Zoughaib’s corporate: if his logo was already stolen, how can we trust his designs?

Let's suppose that "Zoughaib"'s logo designer was inspired by "Zales", as one of my university's teacher always backed up her students by saying that they got inspired.

Please guys, when you are about to create, make a good research to see what has already been used  and stay away from the "copy paste" issue so that your design won't be marked as Shi tik tik shi ti3a

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